It's so important your cat is safe—all our collars feature breakaway buckles to protect from injury should the collar get caught. The collars are made from soft fabric which is comfortable for your cat.

If you have a new cat or kitten or your pet hasn't worn a collar before, introduce them to their new collar gradually, showing it to them a couple of times first so they can inspect it.

Sometimes, cats are not fans of collars and it can take a few tries before they warm to the idea of putting one on. It helps if they are in a calm mood! It’s a good idea to remove the bell to begin with if they seem bothered by the sound—you can always add it back later on.

Tabby cat being fitted correctly with a collar

Collar fitting

To get the correct fit, adjust the collar so that when it’s on your cat, you can only slide one or two fingers underneath it. A loose collar can be dangerous as it increases the risk of your cat getting it caught on something and they're more likely find it irritating.

Collar sizing

We offer three sizes of collar across our ranges, and each is adjustable. Find the sizes of each below. As well as a standard cat size, in some ranges we offer a large size for bigger cats and also a specially designed kitten collar.

Our kitten collar features a kitten-weight breakaway buckle for safety and a kitten sized bell. As kittens are much lighter than cats, the breakaway buckle is designed to release easier (under a lighter weight) than the regular buckle on our cat collars. We recommend this is suitable for kittens of 2.5kg and under.

Once your kitten grows to be over 2.5kg, we then recommend a cat collar.

  • Kitten collar size chart


    To fit neck size: 13 - 20cm

  • Cat collar size chart


    To fit neck size: 16 - 26cm

  • Big cat collar size chart

    Big Cat

    To fit neck size: 23 - 40cm