We've partnered with Ecodrive to plant a tree with every order!

Here at Tabby Ties, we're always looking for ways to be more sustainable and reduce our environmental impact. Due to the nature of our products, it's not possible for us to use completely eco-friendly materials. We recognise this, and so have decided to take the positive steps we can to offset our carbon footprint.

Each and every time you place an order on our website, we will plant a tree on your behalf with Ecodrive. Every tree planted removes 680 lbs of carbonĀ over its lifetime!

Ecodrive plant mangrove trees on its dedicated and protected plot of land in Madagascar. Mangroves are the most efficient tree species in sequestering carbon from theĀ atmosphereā€”making this an incredibly efficient system for controlling climate change.

Tree planting also benefits local villagers, some of whom live in extreme poverty. For every 100 trees planted together with customers, one workday is created for someone in need.

By supporting our small business (for which we're hugely grateful for), you're also supporting this fantastic initiativeā€”thank you!

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