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Tabby Ties

Lightweight Fabric Kitten Collar

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This is a specially sized kitten collar, designed just for your kitten.

It features a kitten-weight breakaway buckle for safety, and a teeny, tinkly kitten sized bell! As kittens are much lighter than cats, the breakaway buckle is designed to release easier (under a lighter weight) than the regular buckle on our cat collars. We recommend this is suitable for kittens of 2.5kg and under.

Size is adjustable from approx 13cm to 20cm. It’s a slim design with a comfortable, 10mm wide strap.


Plastic breakaway buckle to protect your cat from injury should the collar get caught.

Brass metal rings and rivets.

Soft-touch, breathable, waterproof fabric (100% polyester) printed with eco-friendly ink.

Removable bell included.

Care instructions

Either spot clean or hand wash at 30°, being sure to dry all metal components well.

Remove before applying spot-on treatments to your cat.

Please note

This is a handmade item so it may vary slightly from the photos shown.

The colours shown may also vary slightly from the final product due to different lighting conditions and device displays.